Personal health and life-issue counseling, gourmet vegan meals, juicing all day long, meditation, yoga, classes including cooking, sprouting, exercise, meditation, homesteading; nothing like it anywhere; and extremely affordable - only $2,500 for a full week per person - all inclusive (except airfare, ground transportation and massages)- everything else is included!The Villa Holistic Health Retreat Texas

Personal Training & Exercise

It is well documented in the scientific literature that those who exercise enjoy greater health, longevity and mental functioning compared to those who do not.  But what is the best exercise for you?  

Massage Therapies & Spa Services

massage comforts the muscles, enhances the circulation and soothes the nerves. 

Yoga & Meditation

Nothing is as rejuvenating, toning and healing as a yoga class!

Cleansing & Rejuvenation

Air & Water Purification

Some of the first steps to maximize our health are to cleanse our systems of toxins that have built up over the years and rejuvenate our cells in order to maximize their function.

Health and Nutrition DVD Set

Health and Nutrition DVD Set

Health and Nutrition DVD Set

Power Foods, DVD

Power Foods is the must-see program for everyone who wants to enjoy vital health for a lifetime!  Gary Null Ph.D. will help you to optimize your health by understanding the 15 most important foods that everyone needs to consume regularly and the foods that must be avoided at all costs.  Join Dr. Null as he guides you through each food in this in-depth, vibrant, beautifully produced 1-hour presentation.  And as a bonus, you’ll see some of the top Vegan Chefs in the world presenting mouthwatering dishes using the Power Foods.

You’ll learn all about:
- The Power Foods that can help prevent or reverse disease
- How these Power Foods can reverse aging and promote vitality
- Detoxification with the Power Foods
- Foods that are toxic and dangerous to your health
- How to prepare delicious, gourmet dishes using the Power Foods

Enjoy ultimate health and well-being today with Power Foods!

Supercharge Your Immune System, DVD

Acclaimed natural health and nutrition expert, Gary Null, Ph.D., examines the factors in our diet, lifestyle and environment that adversely affect our immune system, and what actions we can take in order to
reclaim our health and vitality.


Coco-Magic Bars, 1.94 oz (box of 12)

$57.59 $71.99Coco Magic Bars


Super Antioxidant, 90 caps

Super Antioxidant, 90 caps

$32.99 $49.99

Super anti Oxidants


Ageless Answer Foaming Skin Cleanser, 5.7 fl oz

Ageless Answer Foaming Skin Cleanser, 5.7 fl oz

$17.59 $21.99Ageless Answer Foaming Skin Cleanser, 5.7 fl oz


The Healing Foods Cookbook: Vegan Recipes

Kindle & Paperback

$20.69 $22.39